Winchester Baptist Church offers a Pastoral Residency designed to give a seminary grad (single or married) a full-immersion experience in the life and responsibilities of a pastor-teacher and church planter. By full-immersion, we mean: gaining hands-on training and experience in all aspects of pastoral ministry, church administration, worship service planning, preaching, small group leadership, pastoral counseling, one-on-one discipleship, local evangelism, etc.

An aspect of our residency rarely found in others is that a qualified candidate will have the opportunity to regularly share preaching responsibilities with the pastor-teacher. By focusing more narrowly on training expositors, we are looking for men who already demonstrate a moderate level of competency in preaching and need the hands-on experience and assessment before moving on to serve a church as pastor-teacher.

Candidates must (1) meet the Biblical qualifications of an elder, (2) have a humble and teachable spirit, (3) hold to reformed Baptist theology (congruent with the New Hampshire Baptist Confession of Faith), and (4) demonstrate sufficient training and skills in expository preaching.

This is a one year residency at minimum with the potential to continue. Starting and ending dates are flexible based on what is best for the resident and the church (not limited by academic or calendar year). The resident will work 40 hours per week under the direct supervision of the senior pastor as well as engage regularly with the other elders. Residence are provided housing (acquired based on the need of the resident) and a small stipend ($1000 mo). Under normal circumstances, this should be sufficient for a single resident. But married residents will likely need to raise additional support or have an additional source of income.


The 2019 Residency is currently receiving applications.

Interested candidates should contact:

Tim White (senior pastor)



Writing this letter of recommendation is simultaneously among the easiest and hardest of my assignments. It is easy because I can heartily recommend this residency to anyone looking to grow in their calling. It is hard, though, because words on a page can hardly express how thankfully and joyfully I give this recommendation. The pastoral residency at Winchester Baptist Church was more than I could ever ask for or deserve. The opportunity to serve and learn in a unique variety of capacities all in a healthy church under godly leadership is a rare and amazing gift.

The kind of capacities to serve that are available here aren’t found in many residencies. While highly valuable, many pastoral residencies are focused heavily on observation. Papers are written and books are read, but the practical experience is lacking. At WinBap, there is observation, but that observation also becomes action. You plan and lead Sunday services, lead community groups, attend and participate in elders’ meetings, handle administrative tasks, and even regularly share preaching responsibilities. These are opportunities that even many associate pastors do not have.

Yet the context in which these take place is even more precious. Winchester Baptist Church is a healthy church, gospel-centered in all its doctrine and life. The chance to serve in this way in a Reformed Baptist church, part of the Southern Baptist Convention, and with 9 Marks ecclesiology is a rare jewel. Moreover, you’ll find a church filled with healthy members, an immensely supportive and loving community growing with you in the Lord. You’ll find no better body to serve who are also so willing to serve you.

Finally, much of the privilege is learning under the men who lead Winchester Baptist, elder and lay-leader alike. These men will sharpen you theologically and build you up spiritually. Humility is a must in this position, as these leaders will be honest with you about your weaknesses and the areas in which you can grow, all the while gladly inviting the same kind of honesty from you about them. It can be challenging, but it is precisely the challenge that yields the growth that far exceeds it. To this end, the residency feels less like a classroom and more like a partnership.

My experience at Winchester Baptist Church was unlike any I have had before and will be unlike any that come after. I will be eternally grateful for the men and women who invested in us and for the unique environment they provided. Perhaps what will amaze you the most will be how much the joy and privilege will be theirs as much as it is yours.


--Willis Covington (SBTS Class of 2017, MDiv)