Where I work at Dunkin' Donuts, it is required that we check the machines to make sure they are calibrated correctly; that the sugar machine is dispensing the right amount of sugar, that the temperature for the coffee comes out right, and so on. When we check the machines, if they don't do what they are supposed to, we make an adjustment in order to make it right. We call that re-calibrating the machines.

Being a part of a church family, hearing the Word preached faithfully by good teachers, and being involved in other believers lives through times of fellowship and prayer is an excellent way for a person to have a similar system for him/herself. For we are all prone to wander and need to be "re-calibrated" every now and again.

This morning during the sermon at the gathering of Winchester Baptist Church (where I'm a member), I thought of this analogy and how God acts to re-calibrate His loved ones who are prone to leave our God for lesser things. Later I decided I wanted to encourage those who don't have a church family to take a step to find one.

There are many good churches out there, but I would like to encourage a 9 Marks Church. If you live in the D.C./VA area there are a few I know of that are solid. Capitol Hill Baptist in D.C., Del Ray Baptist in Del Ray (Alexandria), Sterling Park Baptist in Sterling, Loudoun Valley Baptist in Purcellville, and Winchester Baptist if you're in Winchester.

The following link describes each of the 9 marks of a healthy church and I also encourage you to read this so that you'll know why I encouraged a 9 marks church. It is because the leadership and on down to the members are committed to biblical correctness of what the function of a church is so that we are not lead astray. See the link here:

I hope you'll take the step to no longer live out your faith alone, but rather find the community our faith calls for and is truly wonderful and serves a great purpose.

Jason Kopp