The Book of Samuel

Traveling across a countryside in a hot air balloon provides a breath-taking view of the scenery below but not necessarily all the detail. That was our experience as we travelled through the Book of Samuel for 16 weeks. From this expository altitude the view was beautiful! We saw God accomplishing His purposes in the life of His people through Samuel, Saul, and David. But the most breath-taking view provided by the Book of Samuel was the glory of King David's Greater Son, King Jesus.



God’s Prophet: Samuel  1 Samuel 1-3         

God’s Presence: The Ark  1 Samuel 4-7       

God’s Accommodation: Saul  1 Samuel 8-12       

God’s Motive: Glory  1 Samuel 12         

God’s Rejection: Saul  1 Samuel 13-15     

God’s King: David  1 Samuel 16-17     

          King David’s Friends  1 Samuel 18-20   

          King David’s Wilderness  1 Samuel 21-31     

          King David’s Kingdom  2 Samuel 1-5       

          King David’s God  2 Samuel 6         

          King David’s Covenant  2 Samuel 7-8      

          King David’s Grace  2 Samuel 9         

          King David’s Sin  2 Samuel 10-12   

          King David’s Grief  2 Samuel 13-20 

          King David’s Deliverance  2 Samuel 21-22 

          King David’s Legacy  2 Samuel 23-24


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