15 Lessons from Joshua

Study of Joshua
15 lessons about the LORD, His people, His promise, and His Servant.

Joshua 1 (Joshua) The LORD fulfills His promise through His Servant. 9/14
Joshua 2 (Rahab) The LORD is merciful to those who fear Him. 9/21
Joshua 3 (Jordan) The LORD gives His people confidence. 9/28
Joshua 4 (Stones) The LORD memorializes His covenant faithfulness. 10/12
Joshua 5 (Covenant) The LORD prepares His people. 10/19
Joshua 6 (Jericho) The LORD accomplishes His will for His purposes. 10/26
Joshua 7 (Achan) The LORD deals with sin. 11/2
Joshua 8 (Ai) The LORD restores His people. 11/9
Joshua 9 (Gibeon) The LORD keeps His covenant. 11/16
Joshua 10-12 (Conquest) The LORD is a conquering King. 11/23
Joshua 13-21 (Inheritance) The LORD gives an inheritance to His people. 12/7
Joshua 20-21 (Designated Cities) The LORD meets the needs of His people. 12/14
Joshua 22 (Speech to Eastern Tribes) The LORD unites His people 12/28
Joshua 23 (Speech to Israel) The LORD is faithful and requires faithfulness 1/4
Joshua 24 (Speech before Death) The LORD calls for covenant renewal 1/11