2017 Easter Sunday Celebration

An Encouraging Email from a Guest on Easter Sunday

Good afternoon! My name is Jennifer, and I just wanted to send an email to thank you all for such a wonderful welcome when my foster son and I visited on Sunday. We were up for the weekend to visit Winchester, and I try to always find a  church that we can attend whenever we are not at our local church. After using Google, I came upon your church. (PS- Your website was very informative and helpful!) 

From the moment we walked in until we left, we felt noticed and acknowledged. As we were heading back to our hotel, my son said that he felt like he was at home. As a  pre-teen, he has been struggling a bit with his spiritual walk, and I know that he was really encouraged by the testimonies and the message. Thank you for being diligent to teach God's Word and to tell others about Christ. I can tell that you all are very mission driven and evangelistic. I pray that your new location will be a springboard for outreach to your community. 

Hope you have a wonderful day. 


Tim White