True Christianity (A Study of 1 John)

We just completed a study of 1 John. For twelve weeks we heard from God about True Christianity. As a pastor-teacher, I always LOVE to hear how the Scripture instructs, encourages, convicts, and assures people... and I know others would love to hear it as well. So, please take a minute and tell us a one or two ways God ministered to you through His Word.

1:1-4  Christians Receive the Word
1:5-2:2  Christians Walk in the Light
2:3-11  Christians Obey Christ’s Commands
2:12-17  Christians Reject Worldliness
2:18-27  Christians Continue in the Truth
2:28-3:10  Christians Practice Righteousness
3:10-19  Christians Love One Another
3:19-24  Christians Can Have Confidence in God
4:1-6  Christians Test the Spirits
4:7-5:3  Christians Live in Love
5:4-12  Christians Believe God’s Testimony About Jesus
5:13-21  Christians Have Confidence in the So