Are You Keeping Your [Church] Covenant?

We renewed our Church Covenant this past Sunday evening as part of our members' meeting. This is a regular practice of ours during members' meetings and occasionally before we celebrate the Lord's Supper together. Its our way of keeping before our eyes the promises that we have made to one another as part of this gospel community.

The reality is, however, that it is easier to make a covenant than it is to keep one. So, we were challenged to ask ourselves some practical questions to see if we are actually keeping the covenant that we have made to one another. It might be helpful for you to examine yourself as well.

Before you read these questions, please keep in mind that the Gospel makes us new people who live because of what Christ has done for us, not what we do for Him. 

SELF-EXAMINATION: Are you keeping your covenant of membership?

Have you been preparing for our corporate worship by reading the text ahead of time?

Have you been praying, actually praying, for the unity of the Spirit in our church?

Have you been hosting other members and guests in your home for hospitality?

Have you been faithful to gather with us when we gather for Corporate Worship and Community Groups?

Have you been praying for the other members of our church by name and by need?

Have you talked to other members with the intent to know their joys and burdens so that you could enter into each with them?

Have you been living in such a way that it reflects well on the gospel?

Have you been teaching your children the gospel and seeking to promote the gospel in the lives of other children in our church?

Have you been praying for, looking for, and working for opportunities to share gospel with neighbors and coworkers?

Have you been talking to those whom you do not know well during our gatherings?

Have you been singing robustly as we gather for corporate worship?

Have you been giving faithfully, joyfully, and sacrificially?