Jesus: The Anointed One (John 12)

There is a scene in the movie Braveheart where the battle worn Scottish Army stands at ready while the English army is charging at full gallop toward them, and there on the front lines with his men is their Commander, William Wallace, yelling “Hold, Hold, Hold.”

That is the sense one gets reading through the Gospel of John. From the beginning of the book, we sense the tension rising to a climax. Something is coming... but Jesus keeps saying “Hold, hold.”
     2:4 To his mother, “My hour is not come”
     7:6 To his brothers “My time has not yet come.”
     7:30 Jesus slipped away from guards trying to arrest him because “his hour had not yet come.”
     8:20 Jesus escaped arrest from the temple police because “his hour had not yet come.”
     But NOW, 12:23 Jesus said to them “The hour has come...”

In John 12, we come to know Christ as “The Anointed One.” More than anything else, we see that
Jesus is the Anointed One who was sent by God to DIE so that he can REIGN.

Jesus: The Anointed One
John 12

1. Preparation for His Death (12:1-11)
2. Paradigm-Shift of His Reign (12:12-19)
3. Purpose of His Coming (12:20-34)
4. Proclamation of His Gospel (12:35-50)

More importantly, we learn seven important lessons from the truth that
Jesus is the Anointed One who was sent by God to DIE so that he can REIGN.

1. This truth demands our sacrifice, worship, and love. (12:1-3)
     a. An act of sacrificial giving “a pound of expensive ointment made from pure nard”
     b. An act of humble worship “and anointed the feet of Jesus”
     c. An act of extravagant love “and wiped his feet with her hair.”
     d. An act with eternal impact “house was filled with the fragrance of the perfume.”

2. This truth was caused by our greed. (12:4-8)

3. This truth was caused by our self-interest. (12:9-11)

4. This truth is a paradigm-shift that shows the seriousness of our sin. (12:12-26)

5. This truth was the purpose for which Jesus came, the driving force of his life, and the way in which he glorified God; and it must be yours as well. (12:27-28)

6. This truth changed everything—and fixed everything. (12:28-36)

7. This truth must be believed. (12:35-50)
     a. When it is believed, you will become Sons of Light. (35-36)
     b. When it is rejected, you will experience eternal judgment. (44-50)
            i. Believe Me, believe Him (44)
           ii. See Me, see Him. (45)
          iii. Hear Me, hear Him. (47)
          iv. Reject Me, reject Him. (47-48)