Jesus: The Giver of Peace (John 14)

The coming of Christ was heralded by a host of celestial messengers as the coming of peace on Earth!The earth needs peace, doesn’t it? The enemies of freedom like Iran and North Korea are on the verge of achieving ballistic nuclear capabilities. There is constant turmoil in the Middle East. Here at home in America, every time we turn on the news we hear words like “fiscal cliff” and “skyrocketing national debt.” On top of all of that, we have just recently experienced the unthinkable horror of “20 beautiful children and 6 remarkable adults” being killed by a mass murderer. These kinds of things leave many of us asking the question: “Where is this peace on earth?”

“Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace among those with whom he is pleased!”

This peace is ultimately the peace that reconciles God and man through the mediatorial sacrifice of Jesus Christ. The shedding of His innocent blood provides a way for the guilty to be made clean. This is PEACE in the truest sense, and that is the heart of the gospel.

But that is not the only peace that Christ brings. Lets not consign the peace of Christ to the highest and most important spiritual needs only. Christ brings peace to every area of our lives, and we desperately need it. In John 14, the disciples’ world was falling in on them, kind of like your world falls in on you sometimes. They were anxious. They were afraid. They had unanswered questions. They needed peace and Jesus gave it to them—and He will give you peace too, because that’s who Jesus is—the Giver of Peace.

Jesus: The Giver of Peace
John 14

1. True disciples of Jesus experience fear and anxiety. (13:31-33, 36-38)

2. Jesus gives his disciples peace. (14:1, 27-29)

3. Peace comes through faith in Christ. (14:1)

4. Peace comes through knowledge of the truth. (14:2-31)

    Jesus gave six unshakable truths for us to cling to...
    a. Peace comes through the reality of Heaven. (2)
        Don’t be anxious, because I have secured a room for you in my Father’s house.
    b. Peace comes through the promise of his coming. (3)
        Don’t be anxious, because I am coming back for you so that you will be with me.
    c. Peace comes through the exclusivity of the Gospel. (4-7)
        Don’t be anxious, because I am the only way to the Father.
    d. Peace comes through the union with Christ. (8-21)
        Don’t be anxious, because I am united with my Father and you are united with me.
    e. Peace comes through the ministry of the Spirit. (15-20, 25-26)
        Don’t be anxious, because I will send the Spirit as your Helper.
    f. Peace comes through the victory of the cross and the resurrection. (27-31)
        Don’t be anxious, because I have secured your salvation.

5. Disciples who are clinging to Christ and armed with truth are ready to accomplish God’s purposes. (31)