Jesus: The Fulfillment of All Things (John 2)

Do you remember being on a road trip when you were a kid, and asking that infamous question:
“Are we there yet?” Maybe you are a parent and you’ve been asked that too many times from the back seat.

It's a natural thing to want to know where we are going and when we will get there. As humans, we are wired for fulfillment. Journeys have a destination. Clues must be followed. Mysteries must be solved. Treasures must be found. Hunger must be satisfied. This is not just for the OCD among us. No, this says something about us as humans, and it was wired into our DNA by God.

In the beginning, God created a perfect world and made man as a co-regent and recipient of His grace. Man rebelled against God and as a result, God cursed the earth and all that was in it. God set in motion a plan to restore His Kingdom on Earth. This plan has been unfolding for centuries.
God has revealed His plan little by little to man by putting up sign posts to point the way: The Law, Prophets, Wisdom, The Temple, Sacrifice, Rituals, etc. None of these things are insignificant, but none of these things are the goal. They are only shadows of what is to come.

In John 2, we see Jesus emerging from these shadows as the fulfillment of all that God has promised and we see the glory of Christ manifested in two remarkable ways.


Jesus: The Fulfillment of All Things
John 2

1. Jesus is God's best, saved for last. (2:1-12)
    We get a taste of his glory in:
    a. His humility (1-2)
    b. His submission (3-5)
    c. His compassion (6)
    d. His power (6-11)

2. Jesus is the true Temple. (2:13-22)
    The human body of Jesus was the fulfillment of all that the temple meant:
    a. The central place of worship
    b. The central place of reconciliation
    c. The central place of glory

3. The response to Jesus (2:22-25)
    a. Sincere Faith (22)
    b. Spurious Faith (23-25)