Jesus: The Son From Above (John 3)

There are all kinds of religions in the world, and you don't have to go far to find them. They are being practiced in the suburbs of Northern Virginia.

People hold to all kinds of religious beliefs and engage in all kinds of religious rituals in an attempt to connect with God and to be rightly related to Him.

So, who is to say which religion is right?

For many, the plethora of religious beliefs has rendered the exclusivity of any one religion a ridiculous notion--even more, an offensive one. But this is the clear and unwavering claim of the Bible. John 3 teaches that the one and only true religion is believing in Jesus Christ, God’s Son from above. 

Jesus: The Son From Above
John 3

1. The Arrival of the Son (2:23-3:2)

2. The Testimony of the Son (3:3-15)
    a. Truth #1: To see the kingdom of God, you must be born again. (3:1-4)
          i. New Birth is necessary to participate in the kingdom of God.
         ii. New Birth is a transformation.
    b. Truth #2: You must be born of water and spirit. (3:5-8)
          i. New Birth is a Cleansing and Renewal.
         ii. New Birth is a spiritual birth.
        iii. New Birth is the work of the sovereign Spirit of God.
     c. Truth #3: I have told you the truth and you do not believe me. (3:9-15)
           i. New Birth is believing the testimony of Jesus.
          ii. New Birth is trusting the sacrifice of Jesus (Lev 21:5-9)

3. The Mission of the Son (3:16-18)
    a. The world is condemned because of sin.
    b. God loves the world.
    c. God sent his Son so that the world might be saved through Him.
    d. Whoever believes in Jesus is not condemned.
    e. Whoever does not believe in Jesus is condemned already.

4. The Rejection of the Son (3:19-21)
    a. The Light has come into the world.
    b. People love the darkness rather than the Light.
    c. People hate the Light.
    d. People do not come to the Light.

5. The Supremacy of the Son (3:22-35)
    a. Testimony of John the Baptist
          i. He is the Christ, I am just his forerunner.
         ii. He is the Bridegroom, I am just the best man, rejoicing over him.
        iii. He must increase, I must decrease.
    b. Testimony of John the Evangelist
          i. He is the One who is from above
         ii. He is the One who speaks the words of God
        iii. He is the One who has the Spirit of God and gives the Spirit without measure
        iv. He is the One who has been exalted by God

6. The Response to the Son (3:36)
    a. Whoever believes in the Son has eternal life.
    b. Whoever disobeys the Son shall not see life, but the wrath of God remains on him.