Jesus: The Giver of Sight (John 9)

Have you ever known something for a fact – only to find out you were completely wrong?

Given some time, you could probably think of some small, inconsequential examples from your life. Most likely, the realization of your foolishness caused you embarrassment. That is all well and good, and it happens to everyone. But what if the issue was not small. What if the issue was of great consequence, even eternal consequence?

Such is the case in John 9. The religious leaders at this time were confident in what they knew—unwaveringly confident—but they were completely wrong. To use a metaphor, these men were blind to the truth. In order to confront their arrogance, Jesus draws them into a living parable, an object lesson of sorts. He heals the physical blindness of one man, in order to reveal the spiritual blindness of every man.

“For judgment I came into this world, that those who do not see may see, and those who see may become blind.” (John 9:39) From this bold statement we learn two important truths: (1) Jesus gives sight to those who are weary of being blind, and (2) Jesus blinds those who insist that they see.

So, no matter what you know, no matter what you see, and how confident you are that you see, the pertinent question is, have you ever come to the realization that you are spiritually blind? Only Jesus can give you sight.

Jesus: The Giver of Sight
John 9

1. Jesus gives sight to those who are blind.
    Look at the works of God that are displayed in this man’s life:
    a. He was incurably blind from birth. (1)
    b. He received the gracious work of Christ. (6)
    c. He obeyed the command of Christ. (7)
    d. He gave testimony of the work of Christ. (8-34)
    e. He believed in the Son of Man. (35-38)
          i. He saw the Son of Man. (37)
         ii. He believed the Son of Man. (38a)
        iii. He worshiped the Son of Man. (38b)

2. Jesus blinds those who say they see.
    We have to come to grips with the fact that:
    a. Spiritual blindness affects every person. (1-5)
    b. Spiritual blindness is in the face of the truth. (13-34)
    c. Spiritual blindness is willful rejection of the truth. (13-34)
    d. Spiritual blindness results in condemnation. (39-41)