Jesus: The Good Shepherd (John 10)

We are all God’s children.” I’ve heard that refrain many times, haven’t you? Two-time Grammy winner and country singer, Alan Jackson has a song by that title. “We’re All God’s Children”

"Here comes a Baptist, here comes a Jew
 | There goes a Mormon and a Muslim too
 | I see a Buddhist and a Hindu
 | I see a Catholic and I see you

 | We're all God's children
 | We're all God's children
 | We're all God's children
 | Why can't we be 
One big happy family

? | You like the day, and I like the night | 
He's into country and he's isn't quite
 | There's folks on the left and the far right
 | But that doesn't mean that we have to fight | 

White folks, yellow folks, black and tan
 | On the same planet in the same plan
 | A feminist woman and a He-Man
 | We're all playin' the magic hand | We're all God's children
 | Why can't we be 
One big happy family


But is it true? Are we ALL God’s children? — or from among all of the people that God made, is there a people known as God’s people, God’s children?

In the tenth chapter of his gospel, John records a discourse in which Jesus uses the illustration of a shepherd and his sheep to clearly distinguish between those people who are God’s and those who are not. As you study this text, you will be able to answer the most important question: Are you God's child?

Jesus: The Good Shepherd
John 10

1. Jesus rebukes the false shepherds. 10:1-6
    To understand this, we must understand Ezekiel 34.

2. Jesus reveals himself to be The Good Shepherd. 10:7-39
    Three Identifying Marks of the Good Shepherd
    a. The Good Shepherd calls his sheep and they follow obediently. (3, 14-16, 27)
    b. The Good Shepherd gives life to his sheep and they live abundantly. (10,28)
    c. The Good Shepherd protects his sheep and they are secure eternally. (11-13)

3. Jesus rescues God’s sheep. 10:40-42
    Why did Jesus, the Good Shepherd have to lay down his life to rescue his sheep?
    a. What does it cost to purchase a flock of sinful men?
    b. What does it cost to provide life to a flock of sinful men?
    c. What does it cost to protect a flock of sinful men (from the wrath of God)?