My Lord, Crucified" (a poem)

A man who has been attending our church came to me before the worship service yesterday and shared that he has been very encouraged by our study in the Gospel According to John, "Knowing Christ." The past few weeks we have worked through the passion narrative where we have come to know Jesus as The Rejected One (John 18), The Crucified King (John 19), and The Risen Lord (John 20).

As he continued to talk about the riches of these gospel truths, he pulled a piece of paper from his Bible and handed it to me. One of the results of his meditation on the cross and resurrection of Christ was short poem that he had written. I offer it to you in hopes that, as it did for me, it will raise your affection for the finished work of Christ on our behalf.

“My Lord, Crucified”

Yes, my Lord was crucified; He was put to death;
Dying and alone, there was no one left.
He hung as a criminal on that tree.
Crying, “Eli, Eli, lema sabachthani.”

Oh yes, my Lord was crucified.
But truth be told, it should have been I.
For, I am a criminal, one that He set free,
As He hung in my place, on a criminal’s tree.

Oh yes, my Lord was crucified,
But three days later He was made alive.
And it’s by His blood that I was justified;
Now I live to serve Him who is seated on high.

By Aaron Womack